Pencil Perfection

For me pencils are about the devil in the detail… building up sumptuous colour with delicate accents or capturing breathtaking values and atmosphere in graphite!

If that is what gets you then this is an excellent course for you if you consider yourself a beginner and have never really drawn before why not come along and try out ideas and techniques in this relaxing medium. This is an introduction to art, fun and challenging it will give you an idea of what this simple yet powerful medium is all about!

You don’t need any art experience just a willingness to learn, you will be given guidance on materials, budgeting, places and groups to find more help. Don’t worry if you haven’t yet bought anything as provisional art materials are available here on the course to get you going, however I do advise bringing along any materials you may have for advice on their capabilities, please also take a look at the materials guidance at the bottom of the page.

So what can you expect when you are here, well, you will be guided step by step through simple drawing transfer techniques, shading, blending and then go on to produce a simple yet evocative picture that gives an insight into the properties of the pencil.

This is a repeater art course, so you can come back again and again safe in the knowledge that you will learn something new and face new challenges that produce better and better art pieces.

Throughout this beginner art course your drawing skills will improve, however the focus of the course will not require you to learn or already have strong drawing skills, so if you reckon that a matchstick man is the best you can do… think again as that does not stop you from enjoying the pastime of art!

If you are part of an art club and would like a guest tutor to run occasional workshops at your venue then please drop me a line to discuss your needs.

Below is a list of suggested equipment and materials that you will need over time. Don’t worry if you haven’t got any of this or you have other stuff in your art box…. Bring along what you do have, there is always enough materials available to get you started on the way!

Suggested Equipment for drawing course
Faber Castell series 9000 – or equivalent Graded pencils (Preferably 2-9B)
A4 Cartridge paper sketchbook
Hard eraser, Soft kneaded eraser, electric eraser
Craft Knife (+ fresh blades)
Pencil Sharpener – Not my preference but if you want one get a good one

Suggested Equipment for Colour courses
Faber Castell – Polychromos 36 set (minimum 120 set preferable) or equivalent
Amazon link
Optional – Faber Castell – Albrecht Durer 36 set or equivalent
Faber Castell – Pitt Graphite range of grades ‘B’ grades are best but a 2H is useful – or equivalent
A4 or A3 smooth Bristol Board/paper (alternatively smooth cartridge paper sketch pad)
A4 or A3 tracing paper
A5 or A4 general sketchbook
Hard eraser, Soft kneaded eraser, electric eraser
Small No. 3-6 watercolour brush
Kitchen Roll
Craft Knife (+ fresh blades)
Pencil Sharpener – Not my preference but if you want one get a good one

Some of these materials will only be used from time to time depending on your wants and needs. There are a number of mediums that can be used to affect pencil work and those will be discussed and available in session.

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