Art for All

You have done the books, done the tutorials, even been on a handful of beginner courses but now you want to expand your horizons! This then is an excellent course for beginners through to intermediate looking to progress in technique and confidence.

This course has a slightly different feel to the other courses as it doesn’t give precedence to any one medium. We delve into the techniques and capabilities of both watercolour and acrylic alongside developmental drawing skills, and occasionally alternative art styles such as mixed media, zentangle and other group discussed mediums.

The sessions follow a guided project or two throughout the first part of the term looking not only at the techniques but alost the theoretical aspects of producing a finished piece of art. Learners are given a great deal of freedom for self interpretation with no expectation to follow the methodology being demonstrated, this gives a great deal of opportunity for the learner to develop in personal style and expression.

The course usually has three stages, two tutor led projects and a third individual project that gives you an opportunity to be playful with medium and subjects of your own choosing as you develop an individual piece of art and build on your understanding gained earlier in the course.

You also have the option to work consistently throughout the term on your own individual art rather than the group project and still have access to plenty of tuition that caters specifically to your needs.

Your time on this course will also give you a wider knowledge of artist materials and equipment, where to go, how much to spend and why you may want to spend more!


please do get in touch if you are interested in any of these or other courses. Because of the diverse nature of this course it is difficult to advise on what materials you will need, however below is a list of suggested equipment… For acrylics and watercolour specific paints please take a look at the lists presented at the bottom of the relevant course pages.

Suggested Equipment
Table top easel
A4 sketchbook
Pallet, jars, graded pencils, eraser, pencil sharpener
Kitchen roll, craft knife
Small hair dryer
Small wooden drawing board capable of attaching A3 Sheet

8 Responses to Art for All

  1. Karen Timperley says:

    Hi my name is Karen and i am looking for a drawing sketching class for my 12 yr old daughter, this is a big hobby of hers and she would like to learn and take it further, do you do teenage classes, if not do you know anyone or anywhere that does many thanks Karen

  2. Pam Cartwright says:

    Hi I’m enquiring on behalf of my husband about your art course starting August at the Spiritualist Church Stourbridge. Could you give me an idea of the content of the course and do you have any places left?
    Many thanks
    Pam Cartwright

    • aa-rt says:

      Hello Pam, the August session filled relatively quickly so my apologies that your husband wasn’t able to be part of it. However my September start dates are now arranged to begin on September 13th. If this is still of interest to you and your husband please do drop me a line and I will answer any questions that you might have.

  3. Judith Adams says:

    Hi, are there any spaces left on Painting and drawing for all at the Glass Cone please? I haven’t been on a course before. Thanks

  4. Ben Tipping says:

    Could I have some more info on the Wordsley course please? Thinking about getting it as an Xmas present for my Mum.

    You are welcome to call if you’d prefer. I’m on 07788281458.


    • aa-rt says:

      Hi Ben…. I will give you a call on Thursday! I am away next couple days but can give you all the info you need when we speak.

  5. Lesley Woodward says:

    Hi. There are no days listed for these courses or start dates. Could you send more information please.

    • aa-rt says:

      Hi Lesley
      All the new courses are due to start over the next couple weeks, contact me if you are interested in any listed.

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