Foamsmithing for Cosplay

Foamsmithing, the art of crafting props and fabricated costume from EVA foam. An easy to use, inexpensive material that can be moulded, formed, carved, glued and painted into just about any form your desire could wish for. It’s an awesome material that is so versatile that it has applications way beyond those that we will cover in this exciting new course… your imagination really will be the only limit!

If you have a passion for steampunk, for fantasy warriors, far flung future space marines or the legends of our past histories and want to get involved in the community of cosplay then why not check out this course. You will learn how to take the photo’s of your favourite character props, scale them and create templates that can be used to bring the piece to life.

The cosplay community is one of the friendliest you will ever meet with great opportunities to show off the work that you create, make new friends and have a helluva good time!

To make the very most of this course you will need some material and equipment provision but don’t worry you will be given help and guidance on what you will need throughout the course and where to get it. To get you going however we have a selection of the basic equipment for you to make use of as you figure out your project.

What will you need to bring? The two most important things will be a few photo’s of the character costume, prop or item that you want to make and secondly a willingness to just have fun! Beyond that there is a suggested equipment list here, some of it you might have already… Some of it you can get once you are hooked!

Suggested Materials & Equipment

EVA Foam – These can be purchased from Halfords (They are sold there as floor tiles)
PVA Glue – DIY grade (Not craft glue)
Imapct Adhesive – eg Evostick
Acrylic Paints – Metallic colours are likely to be useful – Cheap from ‘The Works’

Retractable Craft Knife – The kind with a long snap off blade, I suggest a large one
Rotary Tool – Like a Dremel or similar
Hot Melt Glue Gun
Heat Gun – The kind used by crafters (a hairdryer will not be fit for purpose)

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