September Start Dates

Ok… Just quickly putting up this post to show the start dates for art courses and workshops in returning in September. All the pages now have the up to date information


art course start dates

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The new look

So welcome to the new look webpage for aa-rt with a revised focus on art courses here at my studio in the Red House Glass Cone, Wordsley and as part of Dudley Adult Education around the Dudley Borough.

Art courses and workshops provide a wonderful distraction, whatever the reasons, the rewards from learning to paint in acrylic, watercolour or oils and pushing your artistic development are bountiful.

Art courses are available around the Dudley borough, for beginners and those of you who are a little more seasoned you will find plenty of opportunity to learn to paint and draw.

So take a look around the site, if you want to get a feel for what a session might be like then be sure to check out the video page where there is footage from one of my art courses….

See you soon!

Sean Counley

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Zentangle meets origami

Origami bat 1 image imageSo what a great session we had today! I have been delivering zentangle art sessions around the Dudley Borough now for a fair while and they are great for just chilling out, forgetting what’s going on outside and chatting with a few good folks around the table! I think that this carefree aspect of the doodling art is what makes it so popular, you don’t require a commitment of thought as with so many other mediums… It’s almost as if the technique and the application encourage you not to think about them, letting your mind wander as does your hand.

So why was today’s session such good fun… Well, as a tutor, it’s my responsibility to deliver a session that is both fun, challenging and inspirational. To encourage learners to think outside of the box as it were. In researching for today’s session a good friend of mine who I know loves bats (you know who you are ?) also loves zentangle, these two things had as yet not connected in my mind and were not even the focus of my research on that day. I stumbled upon a wonderful YouTube tutorial for origami bats and it was then that the spark of an idea took me… Why not combine the two art forms into one, viola! Now I am sure that I am not the first to combine these art forms but it was a first for me and the group so thanks guys for making the session a great one!

If you are interested in the origami bat tutorial you can find it here. If you are interested in the wonderful stress busting art form that is zentangle why not come along to a short course I am trialing at Dudley Wood Centre where we are going to do some beautiful tangles on a trinket box. It’s a fabulous pastime, simple to pick up and doesn’t require any skill in drawing… You just can’t go wrong! The course picks up on Monday 22nd February at 9.30am, give the centre a call on 01384 896416 or drop me a line.

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Hey! Happy 2016…

Well it’s a new exciting year ahead full of new adventures.

So the turkey has gone, you are looking for new delights to entertain you… how about joining an art course in the New Year?

I run a wide variety of courses for all levels… so today I want to tell you about some of the courses starting in January… who knows what creative master you might tap into?

Introduction to Acrylics
Landscape Workshop January 5th
Introduction to Painting
Watercolour/Acrylic Workshop January 6th
Watercolours for Beginners
NEW COURSE – Starts January 9th
Pencil Perfection
NEW COURSE – Starts January 9th
Painting the live model
Workshop January 13th
Life Drawing for Fun
Starts January 18th
Oils for Pleasure
Starts January 26th
Painting and Drawing for All
Starts January 21st and 26th

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Activity days for December and january

So hello…. Well we are running up to Christmas nice and fast now and I am sure many of you have your present buying well and truly sorted…. Except for that one person who you just can’t seem to get that perfect gift for!

Sometimes our loved ones have got everything… So why not think about getting them an experience from which they will always have memories to cherish, as well as a lovely piece of art to take home. I am running a series of “introduction to…” Art sessions in December and January that will be perfect for mom, dad or Uncle Tom … You have heard them say they would love to be able to paint, so why not get them the opportunity.
December 2015
Introduction to watercolour – landscapes Monday 7th 1-4pm £25
Introduction to Acrylics – portrait Tuesday 8th 12-4pm £30
Introduction to oils – landscape Wednesday 9th 1-4pm £25
Introduction to painting – watercolour & Acrylic Saturday 12th 11-4pm £40

January 2016
Introduction to watercolour – portrait 4th 12-4pm £30
Introduction to Acrylic – landscape 5th 1-4pm £25
Introduction to painting – watercolour & Acrylic 6th 11-4pm £40

All the materials and equipment are supplied so all that you need to bring along is a willingness to learn, sprinkled with a little imagination!

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Life Drawing

So on a Monday night I run a great life drawing group down at Katie Fitzgeralds in Wollaston. We have a few drinks a bit of music and of course a model posing so that we driven artists can perfect our trade. We have been running for a little over five years now and have really gone from strength to strength. A group from all backgrounds and abilities it really is something that I still look forward to every week. For me it is a time to be very self indulgent, try out new things, make mistakes but mostly to be able to work without pressure or restraint.

Over the last few months I have been pushing around with charcoal on a fairly large scale (A2) before that did the usual pencil, ink and a bit of watercolour. Now, a couple of weeks ago I successfully managed to forget my charcoals but I did have my acrylics in the car. So I dug out some burnt umber and black and set to playing around wet in wet using texture, contrast and preserved whites to produce a bit of drama. Here are some of the results which I am quite pleased with, they average 20 minutes or so, certainly are only studies and largely unfinished at that, but I must admit I am really quite enjoying this liberated approach to life drawing here in our town of Stourbridge.

If you are hunting around for any life drawing classes come and try us out on a Monday night, you can find our Facebook page here or text/email me for any info you need.

life drawing, acrylic

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All Change

hiya, well if you are returning to my site or visiting for the first time you may find it all a bit patchy and incomplete just now!…. Yes, you guessed it, I am currently updating the site to bring you more focused and useful information as well as giving you an insight into my own art processes and techniques, and finally to put a gallery of my work here too.

So enjoy having a ramble around the parts you can reach and over the next few days I should have it all pretty well fleshed out again.

Thanks for looking

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Life Painting Day

Here is another opportunity to come along to The Red House Glass Cone for a full day painting the classic nude in this art workshop. Once again we shall see Halley return as a fond favourite to be captured in paint. The art workshop comprises an hour of warm up study sketches followed by a single pose from which you can execute your art piece in any manner, medium or style you choose through the day.

The art workshop is taking place on April 23rd from 10-4pm with plenty coffee breaks and a lunch break. This is not a tutored or guided art workshop, you are free to work at your own pace but with help and advice if you wish it. I have worked hard to keep the price low and can hold it at £18 for now. Only a few places available so contact me now if you are interested in booking onto this great day for artistic development.


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Beginner art course

You can now purchase your place securely online for the beginner art course – watercolours, held here at the studio of Sean Counley in the red house glass cone Wordsley. Starting 10.30-12 on Monday 19th January 2015


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Art courses starting in January

The art courses listed in my previous post are now nearly all full. The portrait in acrylics class is now full, the art for beginners watercolour course has two places remaining.

Two places have become available on my beginner – intermediate course which starts back on Friday 9th January 2015 3-5pm, please contact me if you are interested in these art sessions which cover a variety of mediums, themes and applications.

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